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Ecole de Langues du Kenya is One of The Best Language School in Nairobi, Kenya, Offering Immersion Language Courses in English, Kiswahili, French, Spanish and Document Translation Services. Call Now: 07 03 22 88 40



Did you know that you can learn a new language in just 10 days? The Language School in Kenya is one of the best language school in Nairobi offering short courses in local and foreign languages where you can learn to speak a language in just 10 days!!  You can achieve this through our immersion language programs.

Full Immersion Language Classes in Nairobi

Immersion language program is the quickest and most effective way of learning a new language. A learner in a new language immersed most of the day in learning a new language in in and out of class situations. Sometimes, the learner lives in a host family where English is spoken every day, and thus the learner has the opportunity to use and practice the language in practical, day-to-day situations and activities.

What is an immersion programm?

A learner taking immersion language program at The Language School in Kenya can stay in a host family or with our experienced teacher's home, have three meals a day with family members, thus has the opportunity to practice the language during the rest of the duration of stay. The teacher will continue to instruct the students in practical situations during the entire stay.

The most immediate advantage with this option is that the learner is able to progress very fast in learning the language of choice and host culture. This is an amazing way to learn a language, fast.

With this option, a student can move from a complete beginner (European Level A0) to a fluent speaker (Level B2) in less than 100 days, and to native level (Level C1) in 200 days.

A learner basically takes up to 5 hours of class instruction per day, Monday to Friday covering a maximum of 100 Hours per month. This means it takes just 5 weeks each to complete level A1 and A2 (Level 1 and 2), and 2 Months each to complete level B1 and B2 (Level 3 and 4).

B2 is the minimum level required for university education in English speaking countries for non-English speakers. Average, learners take up to 6-8 months or more to attain this proficiency level required for university education abroad (Level B2 minimum) in English speaking countries like the UK, USA, Australia etc.

How long can one take to complete the course?

A comparison between our proposed Immersion Program vs the Regular Program (for an average learner). - The rate below applies to all international students. For local students, kindly call 0703 22 88 40 for inquiry.

Language Level description



Standard Program

(6 hrs per week)

Intensive Program

(15 hrs per week)

Immersion Program

(25 hours per week)

Tuition Fees

(US$) (Per Level)


(Full Board) 

Per Month

A1 (Beginner)120 Hours5 months2 months1.5 monthsEnquireEnquire
A2 (Elementary)120 Hours5 months2 months1.5 monthsEnquireEnquire
B1 (Intermediate)180 Hours7.5 months3 months2 monthsEnquireEnquire
B2 (Intermediate)180 Hours7.5 months3 months2 monthsEnquireEnquire
C1 (Proficient)250 Hours10 months4 months3 monthsEnquireEnquire

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